Has Email Marketing Become Mobile Marketing?

It feels like social media gets all the attention these days. Most of us would confess to logging into a social platform at least once a day, but there’s also something else most of us do every day… E-MAIL!

Non-Profits should mix these great marketing tools together for the ultimate digital marketing approach.  This article by Copyblogger gives some compelling reasons why email is stronger than ever as a digital marketing technique.

And, not only is email still a great marketing tool, it could be argued that email marketing is now a strong component of mobile marketing.

Here’s what some of the latest statistics mean for your marketing strategy.

“49% read email on their smartphone immediately when they wake up – Apsis”

I am in this 49%. I wake up, check my social media, check my emails, and then think about getting out of bed. Keep an eye on this trend because it means if you time your emails to send out early in the morning, there’s a good chance they’ll get read in that post-wake-up-pre-get-up period in a mobile user’s day.

Action step: Test sending emails at different times and days to ascertain when is best for sending.

“Mobile received the largest percentage of unique clicks (40%) Experian”

Ok, webmail was a close second with 35%, but it’s not really that surprising that mobile is out in front because, well, mobile is… mobile. If you are the type that can’t live without your smartphone, then you have access to email 24/7.

Action step: Do consider how your marketing emails appear when viewed on a mobile device.

“The number of mobile e-mail users is predicted to grow 28% in 2014 and 23% in 2015The Radicati Group”

Mobile email users are on the rise so if you haven’t considered an email marketing approach, or how mobile use affects your current email marketing efforts, then you need to start strategising now.

Tip: A/B testing is not just for landing pages.  Try testing different subject lines or calls to action.

“50.8% of girls age 17-24 say email is the first thing they check online and 55.4% check their phone first thing in the morning –Hercampus”

Action step: Have a look at your target market segments and see if you can find research to suggest what the email habits of each target might before using the aforementioned testing methods.

I hope I have convinced you of the importance of email marketing, but just in case, check out these other great articles for even more information.

  1. Who will win? Email vs Social Media  (link)
  2. WOW! – 33 mind shattering statistics (link)
  3. Email marketing and social media make a pretty good team – here a  reasons why you should integrate them more closely (link)

Email marketing – let’s discuss! Tweet @veev_tweets or leave your comments below.

p.s. I couldn’t write a post about email without a hat-tip to the king of email himself, Strongbad.  Enjoy!

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